Monday, July 2, 2012

Problems with Blogger

Hi Everyone,

This is Lois posting on Kjell's blog. 

It seems Blogger has decided it doesn't know Kjell right now and is requiring confirmation of his identity.  The problem is that we are at sea where we can't get text messages.  *sigh*  Needless to say, he is not happy about this!  He has quite a few great images prepared for this blog and they'll probably not auto post....  Who knows.

Anyway, we just want to let you know why his blog looks strange.  If I wasn't a contributor, I imagine it wouldn't be here at all right now since he can't sign in. 

We are working on confirming Kjell's identity with Blogger.  Hopefully, he'll be back here soon.  I just hope we can find his header and other images!

Thanks, everyone, for being you.  We appreciate our blog friends.

All the best from both Kjell and me,



River Glorious said...

All they had to do was ask you...


Montanagirl said...

Isn't Blogger fun?? Hurry up, Kjell, I miss your posts!