Friday, August 12, 2011

Highland County Court House, Hillsboro, Ohio

 Highland County Court House
The oldest building in continuous use as a Courthouse in the state of Ohio.
The arcitecture is a transition of Federal and Greek Revival styles.
A west wing was added in 1884. 
The exterior was renovated in 1976 and the interior in 1978.

To the memory of the Soldiers and Sailors
of Highland County Ohio
who served in the Union Army
during the War of the Rebellion


TexWisGirl said...

hmmm... i believe i've seen this building before somewhere this morning... hmmm... :)

Christine said...

That's a beautiful old courthouse!

Montanagirl said...

Beautiful Courthouse. So much more style and character than the new ones being constructed now-a-days.

Reena said...

They don't build them like that anymore!

Elaine said...

Fun that both you and Lois are both taking photos everywhere you go. My hubby has the important job of being my driver and finding creative ways to get me where I can get the shot. He only takes photos when I hand him the camera and have him get me in a few of the shots. I've done that for quite a few years after we got home from one trip and I was in none of the photos and it was as if Marty was on the trip by himself. The best though is when someone walking by offers to take a shot of the both of us.

Kjell T. Evensen said...

That just proves wifey and I are driving around in the same car at the same time. Every once in awhile we even post the same thing on the same day. :)

Photography is one of the many hobbies we share together and we both are Canon fans. That's a plus since we can share the lenses between us. Also, we like to travel by car, which again gives us the possibilities to stop wherever we like. Wifey likes to writes stories and since I'm driving she takes the photos from the car. I did it once, because I had forgotten my driver license. :) Unfortunately, neither of us likes to be in the front of the lenses, but sometimes it happens. :)

Rose said...

It just looks so it will stand there another hundred years!

Banjo52 said...

Are you by any chance heading west from there? I'm no expert, but Indiana court houses are the most interesting I've seen--sometimes almost comically grand. "Those people must have thought they were somebody."

Amanda said...

Beautiful don't see new building that have the character of the old ones!