Friday, February 25, 2011

Identity Crisis

I look like a Crow, right?

 Or am I a Raven?

 Whoever I am, I can fly :)


Coy Hill said...

Most likely a crow, the feathers around its neck do not look quite right for a raven and the bill isn't as heavy as I would expect. It's not too common to get this close to either species, good work!

Elaine said...

Definitely too much of a lightweight for a raven, but fantastic photos crow photos! You captured really good feather definition, which is not easy on these all-black birds.

Kjell T. Evensen said...

Thank you both for your nice comments. This was a pure-luck-image in regard to how close the Crow was. I went in front of a stone wall to get in better position of a picture of a couple of crows up in the three. When finished I turned around and on the top of the stone almost at arms length, the Crow sat. I fired off my camera and hoped for the best :) I had mounted a 70-300 mm lens and used a focal length of 150, 1/160 sec and ISO 125. These images are not cropped.